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Introduction to Essential Oils

Discover the Healing Power of 7 Essential Oils and How to Use Them In Your Daily Routine


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Email 1: Introduction to Essential Oils
Email 2: Lavender Essential Oil ~ Why its called the "Mother of All Essential Oils"
Email 3: Lemon Essential Oil ~ Discover in-depth uses for Lemon Essential Oil for body and home...
Email 4: Peppermint Essential Oil ~ Learn amazing benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil...
Email 5: Frankincense Essential Oil ~ The "King of Oils" It's nobility is well deserved...
Email 6: Tea Tree Essential Oil ~ Improve your skin health, wellness and so much more with Tea Tree essential oil.
Email 7: Eucalyptus Essential Oil ~ Amazing reasons why to incorporate Eucalyptus Essential Oil into your daily routine.
Email 8: Rose Essential Oil ~ The "Queen of Oils" - Discover one of the most precious and versatile oils available...

We know using essential oils can be overwhelming for beginners, that's why this email series is designed to give you tons of ways to use Essential Oils safely and effectively. 

Whether you're new to essential oils or a seasoned user, our emails are packed with helpful tips and information so you can get the most out of these incredible oils.

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